If you would like to have a tailored workshop on any aspect of grant-writing, contact Parker Derrington Ltd. If you want to create your own workshop please feel free to use any of the resources on this page.

On 4th December 2013 I am giving a workshop at the School of Physical Sciences in Liverpool, using the following resources:-

On 27 September 2013 Andrew gave a  workshop at the University of Abertay. The first part of the workshop was  a talk.

The talk was followed by a bootstrapping exercise, in which checklists were used to help participants to decide

The workshop finished with a mock panel exercise in which participants learned how difficult it is for panel members to extract information from their draft proposals.

Andrew’s talk at the University of Sunderland Research Conference 2013.

Phil Ward’s Grants Factory and Toolkit Presentation (ARMA 2013).  Phil’s presentation gives a useful, very clear introduction to some of the key Grants Factory/Toolkit principles.

How to write a good research grant application: content, structure and process. Presentation to research leadership workshop, Feb 6th 2013.

How hard can it be? A presentation by Andrew about how to write the case for support.

Jacqueline’s  presentation.  This presentation summarises the key points of The Research Funding Toolkit and it a useful introduction to our approach.

Andrew’s presentation.  This presentation explains the desirable properties of a case for support. It then explains how to construct, write and replicate a case for support.  It is very useful if you are working with a group of researchers on ‘live’ applications.

Mock panel format and instructions.  This exercise takes less than 90 minutes and helps researchers understand what happens to their applications as they pass through the grants’ committee process and how they need to structure and write an application to succeed.

Case for Support Checklist This has twenty questions to ask about your case for support so that you or a colleague can check that it has a good structure and content. Note that it deals with the most important section (the description of the project) first, so it will be necessary to read through the whole case for support before you start using the checklist. For more detailed checking of the description of the project and its subsections use the Project Description Checklist and the Sub-Project Checklists below.

Sub-Project Checklist This checklist helps you to decide if the description of a sub-project within the description of the project has all the necessary information.

The Grants Factory Poster, which won first prize at the 2012 ARMA conference in Southampton.

The Project Description Checklist. You should ask a friend or colleague to read your project description and fill this in.

Success from Failure is a presentation that discusses how to take a failed case for support and rewrite it.