Grants Factory On-Line: Introduction

The aim of GrantsFactory Online is to continue the work of our original grant-writing workshops, of the Grants Factory and of The Grant Writers’ Toolkit. The problem that we want so solve is that most academics trying to write a grant application write completely the wrong kind of document, as this entertaining post by Pat Thompson points out. We think that the problem needs a radical solution because, when they want feedback on what they have written, most academics ask those least able to help them: senior figures with similar research interests to their own.

All this is set out in the book, as is a path to a solution. We do not intend to repeat the book here. Rather, we want to supplement and extend both the book and our original workshops that gave rise to it.

The blog will be an on-line grant-writing workshop in which we develop more support tools and gather feedback in order to refine our understanding of what works and why. So if you are writing a grant application, struggling to find the motivation to deal with a rejection, or simply supporting academic colleagues writing grant applications, this blog is for you.

The two of us will be contributing to the blog in slightly different ways.

I will be discussing a very efficient, but slightly counter-intuitive process for writing a case for support. I am convinced that part of the reason most people find it very difficult to finish a case for support within a reasonable time or to the right length is that they start writing it at the beginning. I think that the best place to start is in the middle.

Jacqueline will be producing advice on style, dos and don’ts, mistakes to avoid, and so on.

Both of us will be producing support materials – check lists and short guides – as we go and we shall make these available on the resources page. We shall also be happy to develop posts to cover points of particular difficulty encountered by commentators.

My first post, in which I discuss how you get started on the task of writing the case for support, will be up next week.

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