The Book

The book is based on a successful series of workshops called The Grants Factory. It is based on an idea developed by Andrew Derrington and extended and refined by Jacqueline Aldridge.

Andrew  spent over 15 years using experience gained on grants’ committees to teach academics how grant applications should be written and wondering why they didn’t write them.

Jacqueline is a private sector PR professional turned university administrator. She worked for several years helping academics at the University of Kent to write good grant applications and developed ways of putting Andrew’s system into practice.

In the grants factory we developed a series of workshops, exercises and checklists that enabled academics to develop, to practise and to test the skills they need to write good grant applications. We encouraged our colleagues to re-use the workshops outside the factory. Patrick Brindle, who was Methods editor for SAGE at the time, heard about one of our workshops being delivered by a colleague and commissioned us to write the book.

The first half of the book discusses how to decide whether or not to write a grant application, what sort of application to write and how to prepare yourself to write it. The second half explains how to write the application and how to test whether it is fit for purpose. The book also discusses ways to set up a grants factory in your institution.

The book is available direct from the publishers, or from Amazon. It is available as a kindle book.