About Us

Jacqueline Aldridge

Jacqueline is Research Manager at Kent Business School and has worked in research administration for eight years.  During that time, she has helped researchers at all career stages and from a wide range of disciplines write fundable research proposals for a large variety of funding agencies.  Before that, she worked in public relations and marketing in blue chip companies and the media industry.



Andrew DerringtonAndrew Derrington

Andrew has lectured and researched in Psychology at the Universities of Cambridge,  Sussex, Durham, Newcastle, Nottingham and Kent. His research studies how the brain processes visual information.

Over several years he wrote two successful columns in the Financial Times. The Nature of Things, was about science – from astrophysics to zoology. Psych Yourself Up was a guide to the different kinds of psychotherapy available in the UK.

His first research grant was a Beit Memorial fellowship for Medical Research, which he obtained in 1978. His research was continuously funded by fellowships, project and programme grants for the next 30 years.

He served on research grant committees for several UK research councils and the Wellcome Trust. The approach to grant writing that is developed here is based on his analysis of how grants’ committees make funding decisions.

Andrew has held senior leadership positions at Nottingham, Newcastle, Kent and Liverpool and is director of a training and consultancy company that provides training courses and editorial and consultancy for research-grant writers.