The Research Funding Toolkit helps academics to write better research grant applications. It consists of a book, published in May 2012, and this website.

The toolkit solves the grant-writing problem, which is the fundamental problem that academics face when they try to write research grant applications. The grant-writing problem has an analogy in football. This video shows what a great goal looks like. But watching the video doesn’t teach you how to score goals. The grant-writing problem is similar. It is easy to explain what a good research grant application looks like. It is hard to teach an academic how to write one.

The toolkit grew out of a project called the grants factory. In summer 2009 we ran a series of workshops that took a group of academics from first idea to finished grant application. The group worked together to test our solutions to the grant-writing problem. We learned that the grant-writing problem has two parts. First, the natural style and learned habits of academics make it very difficult, even for senior academics, to write the structured, clear, simple, memorable, compelling prose that convinces a grants’ committee to fund a research project. Second, many academics find it difficult to design the kind of research project that can be described in a well-written grant application.

These web pages support the book with extra material and our blog.

The ideas and opinions in the Research Funding Toolkit are our own and not those of our employers.